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With any new job opportunity, questions can arise — from the basics like hours and dress code to the more detailed ones like health plans and 401(k) matching. Take a look below at our most popular FAQs.



What benefits does UWM offer?

All team members are entitled to full medical, vision and dental benefits, as well as a company match to 401(k) participants, paid time off (PTO), several paid holidays, flexible schedules and 2 Be You Here days to use however they wish. Team members are eligible for all these exciting benefits on the 1st of the month following 30 days of employment. To learn more about these and other great benefits, click here.

What on-campus amenities does UWM offer?

Both our North and South campuses are loaded with exciting amenities to satisfy every type of team member, including SALTA, our in-house doctor’s office, an on-site Starbucks, gym, massage therapist, hair salon, dry cleaning services, physical therapist, chiropractor, Hunter House restaurant, seasonal drive-in movie theater, mini golf course, basketball and volleyball courts. Click here for a full list of our on-campus amenities.


Work Life

Does UWM offer any hybrid or remote opportunities?

At UWM, we believe that collaboration is key to successful working relationships and we feel the best way to do that is through an in-person, team-based environment. It’s also how we sustain and improve our renowned speed and service. Therefore, we do not offer any hybrid or remote opportunities at this time.

What is the dress code at UWM?

While we welcome expression of personal style, our dress code differs based on the role in the company. We expect all account executives on our Sales team to adhere to a business professional look, while other teams, such as Underwriting, Operations and Information Technology can dress in work-appropriate casual attire.

Are there opportunities for career advancement at UWM?

Yes! We place a lot of importance on setting goals and growing your skill set. When you’re ready to advance in your role, a Career Coach will help you find new opportunities to motivate and challenge you. 


New Hire Training

Do I need to bring anything to New Hire Training?

Your I-9 documents, a smile and a ready-to-learn attitude!

How long does New Hire Training last?

New Hire Experience is a 5-day training program. After the 5 days, depending on your role, you will either go into role-specific training or join your team to complete your onboarding with your leader.

I already know everything about mortgages. Do I have to go through New Hire Training?

Yes. While we understand you may be familiar with the mortgage industry, your New Hire Training is specifically designed to help you better understand the products and services UWM offers while teaching you how we operate as the #1 wholesale mortgage lender in the nation.


Hiring Process

Where will my interview take place?

All face-to-face interviews are conducted at our Pontiac, Michigan, campus. Prior to your in-person interview, you’ll have a phone interview with a recruiter. Some positions will not require a phone interview and you’ll be invited directly to our campus.

What should I expect during the phone interview?

The phone interview is our chance to start to get to know you — from your education and skillset to your professional experience. It’s also your chance to ask questions and learn more about a career with UWM.

What should I expect during the face-to-face interview?

This is where we expand on the position you’re applying for and what’s expected of you. We’ll cover the basics of your team’s role in the loan process, as well as where your skills and experience fit in.

What should I expect on my first day?

The first day (actually, the first week) is filled with onboarding training that we call New Hire Experience. During this training, we fully immerse you in the mortgage experience, so you understand every step of the process — even the steps that aren’t directly related to your new role. You’ll also learn about our culture and the expectations of our team members.

Does UWM require a pre-employment drug test?

Yes. However, in accordance with current Michigan law, candidates will not be tested for THC.



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