Get Ready For The Opportunity Of The Summer!

Looking to enhance your skills as much as your resume? Then consider becoming a Summer Team Member at UWM! This exciting 12-week paid experience is an exclusive learning opportunity for undergrad juniors, seniors, and MBA students looking to build relationships, learn new skills and connect with other motivated, soon-to-be college grads! You’ll be placed in a group that’s tailored to your goals, giving you real-world experience with leaders passionate about helping you grow. Plus, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to shadow other teams in the company, giving you a deeper perspective of what we do — and options for your future career. 



Which Team Is Your Perfect Fit?

Becoming a UWM Summer Team Member is a unique opportunity to experience the fast-paced mortgage process up close. Internships are available on all teams from Sales, Marketing and Finance to IT, Underwriting, Human Resources and more. To see a full list of teams that offer internships, click here.


Your Internship Could Land You a Job 

Our fully immersive internships help you absorb the ins and outs of the mortgage industry in a unique, hands-on way. But the learning goes both ways: Our Summer Team Members bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to the workplace that give us the opportunity to grow and get better every day. And once your internship is over, don't be surprised if you receive an offer! We typically hire around 30% of our interns as full-time team members once they graduate. 

UWM Interns Give Back

At UWM, we practice what we preach. And when we say “service is everyone’s responsibility,” we mean it. That’s why, every summer, our interns take part in a large charity project that benefits our community. From gathering backpacks full of supplies for local school children to making fleece blankets for children’s hospitals and much more, UWM interns learn about a lot more than the mortgage industry — they also learn the value of making a difference.

Explore your Future with a UWM Externship

Are you starting off your college career, future-focused, but still not sure what that looks like? Consider a UWM externship, which lets you explore your options during a 1-day, action-packed overview of our business. We’ll teach you how to build a stronger resume, research companies, crush your interview and more. You’ll even get insight on how a larger company works. Check with your university to attend one of our upcoming externship events.



Hear From The
People Who Make Us



“Being a Summer Team Member at UWM is being part of the team. I wasn’t just doing busy work, but work that mattered. I was encouraged to learn, collaborate and grow in my role, as well as explore all the opportunities UWM has to offer, along with having fun and creating lasting friendships. I was able to turn my time as a Summer Team Member into a full-time career here at UWM.”

-Jesse Brown
Senior Digital Media Producer




“I was nervous to come into the workplace, but I was greeted by an incredibly friendly culture. Everyone was always willing to lend a helping hand, especially my mentors. Summer Team Members are encouraged to shadow as many people within the company to understand how the business operates. These opportunities gave me the business knowledge to succeed in my current role as a data scientist.”

-Nick Tran
Data Scientist I