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Come along for a fascinating campus tour and discover where the #1 lender in America supports, inspires and motivates over 7,000 team members daily. Deeply rooted in the metro Detroit area since 1986, many of the campus’s conference rooms, installations and unique features celebrate Michigan cities, industries, sports teams and more. Ready for a peek inside? Let’s go.




Fruit Delivery Truck

Explore the charm of UWM's South Building, previously home to Pontiac East Assembly, a hub of General Motors manufacturing. Here, you will find a vintage 1950s Chevrolet delivery truck, repurposed to provide an array of free, fresh fruit for our team members. It's a charming blend of our building's history and UWM's commitment to creating a nurturing environment for team members.






Shipping Containers

Find your favorite spot in our tri-level labyrinth of shipping containers. Each level is filled with unique features — from a cargo net for those with a taste for adventure, a fireman's pole adding a fun twist and an upper deck shuffleboard court for some light-hearted competition. If you dare venture further inside, you can explore the VIP rooms and distinctive conference rooms. The Shipping Containers are the perfect example of UWM’s culture of thinking outside the box.




This is where it all started. This conference room pays respect to our founding city and boldly depicts Birmingham’s vibrant downtown area through a sprawling and lively graffiti mural. The table is crafted from the bed of a vintage truck — representing the city’s deep-rooted motor tradition, the Woodward Dream Cruise. Not only is this room a reminder of our humble beginnings, but a driver of future imaginings.


In our Discovery conference room, things are literally turned upside down. Suspended from the ceiling, a vintage Chris-Craft wooden boat is an unusual sight. Restored by our United Services team and surrounded by pendant lights, it recreates a starry night sky. Discovery is, just like UWM, a perfect mix of tradition and technology, where curious minds and a hands-on approach come together.


Want to experience the thrill of game day? Our LCA conference room’s got you covered. A panoramic wallpaper replicates a suite view of the Little Caesars Arena, transporting you to the heart of the action. The dynamic space, alongside a blueprint and jerseys, pays tribute to Detroit’s sports heritage. At UWM, every team member keeps the city’s culture alive through their competition and commitment.


Basketball court or conference room? With a large table crafted from the very wood that once lined the practice facility in the Breslin Student Events Center — home to Michigan State University’s Men and Women’s basketball teams — the answer is both. Here, Spartan greats adorn the wall, including Magic Johnson, Coach Tom Izzo, Mateen Cleaves and our very own President and CEO, Mat Ishbia. The Breslin captures the energy of the game and the legacy of its champions, where trials, triumphs and teamwork abound.


Cook up brilliant ideas in our conference room Cocina, enveloped by the warmth of a 1950s kitchen. The room features an original Formica table and chairs as well as a GM/Frigidaire refrigerator — highlighting the building's past as a General Motors production site. Cocina, Spanish for kitchen, hints at the family values ingrained in Spanish get-togethers. Just as a kitchen is a space where people gather to enjoy meals and stories, UWM is a place for team members to huddle.

The Idea Lab

Step into The Idea Lab, a conference room designed for inspiration and collaboration. This space is a blank slate for brainstorming, with writable surfaces encouraging team members to bring their ideas to life. A wall-turned whiteboard and a panoramic glass view of UWM's lively stairway invite everyone to join in and fill the space with fresh perspectives. This room stands for UWM’s belief that every idea can leave a lasting impact.

The Joe

Lace up and step onto the ice! Paying tribute to the legendary Joe Louis Arena, the former home of the Detroit Red Wings, you enter this conference room through original arena doors. Marked with dents from players’ pre-game rituals, it welcomes you into a space filled with authentic arena seats and concourse lighting and serves as a reminder of the fans who supported their team, the same way we celebrate everyone’s success here at UWM.


Take a seat in original stadium seats and get ready to rumble in our Silverdome conference room. Surrounded by mementos from the Detroit Lions, like an autographed helmet from Barry Sanders, it pays tribute to its namesake that was once located in our hometown of Pontiac, MI. Each piece within the Silverdome reflects UWM's connection to the community and our appreciation for the sports that push us to go the extra mile.


Get in the game with Utica, a conference room that honors UWM's sponsorship and support of the USPBL. Just like the many players who pitched their way to Major League Baseball, it's a space that celebrates up and coming talent. Inspired by Jimmy John's Field in Utica, MI, the room captures the charm of the beloved ballpark. Utica is our way of recognizing the importance of nurturing talent and celebrating success at UWM.


Enter the ambiance of Motown, a conference room that honors Detroit's music legacy. Amidst a backdrop of timeless albums of iconic Motown artists, team members can collaborate around a vintage baby grand piano. Motown is a representation of UWM's creative environment, where every detail shows our respect for the cultural influences that shape us.



Climb the stairs to The Treehouse — a conference room offering a twist on the usual meeting setting. Redesigned from a former General Motors compressor room, it gives team members a playful alternative to everyday life. At the end of a huddle, you have the option of leaving the space via the slide. The Treehouse is a cheerful nod to our enjoyment of even the smallest things.






Hunter House

Discover the charm of UWM's Hunter House. Mirroring the original Hunter House diner, it transports visitors back to the Birmingham of 1952. Here you can indulge in chili fries and creamy shakes, surrounded by the scent of grilled onions and the buzz of conversation. This place is not just an eatery — it's a connection to our past and our commitment to staying true to ourselves.


As we wrap up this tour, the spirit of UWM is clear — it’s a buzzing community where we come together in our rise to the top. Now, it’s your time. Jump onboard our journey as the #1 lender in America. Welcome to UWM, where careers thrive and your future is ready to take off. Join our team!


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