Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Our Belief

If diversity is ensuring representation for all groups within UWM, then inclusion is ensuring those groups are heard. It’s not enough for our diverse team members to be part of our family, they have to have a voice as well!





Lead by Example

We don’t just talk about D&I here at UWM, we show our team members how to make a real difference in our culture and community and then give them the tools, time and resources to make it happen and become a vital part of our D&I Community and beyond.


Leadership Development and Training

D&I is everyone’s responsibility, and we understand the impact our leaders have on the environment and culture here at UWM. Our leaders receive extensive education to help them lead by example. Overseeing and interacting with more people in the company than anyone else, they understand how significant their ability is to support and strengthen our culture through informed and empathetic allyship.


Listen and Learn

We listen for and actively seek out information that will help us continue supporting and empowering our team members. Doing this allows us to implement new initiatives quickly, while taking the time to plan ahead for larger cultural and community events.


Social Awareness and Community Empowerment

Our place in the local community (Pontiac, Detroit and Southeast Michigan) is something that has been part of our greater mission since our inception. The workplace can be a driver for social awareness and positive change. Through our Pay It Forward program, charitable donations, volunteer PTO and Be You Here days, we empower all of our team members to get involved in the communities we call home.


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Be You Here Days
These days are for team members to celebrate what is important to them. Whether it’s a cultural holiday that is not recognized by the federal government, a community celebration or just a day off to take care of themselves, “Be You Here” days are available for just that!


Brilliant Ideas
Your ideas matter at UWM, and we encourage you to share your ideas on how we can make our company better. Whether it’s an idea to make a process more efficient, or an idea that enhances our team member experience, we want to hear them! Team members can submit these ideas through our company intranet.


D&I In Academy
A lot can be found in UZone - our internal source for updates, announcements, tools, resources and more. A big part of UZone is our Academy - a storehouse to trainings, awards and communities. It also houses a library of articles on diversity and inclusion available to team members.


Cultural and Community Celebrations
We recognize cultural and community celebrations each month of the year here. Observing Diwali, Ramadan, Eid, Lunar New Year, Juneteenth and more through internal announcements and company celebrations, team members can both represent and learn about the many cultures that make up the UWM family.



Team Member Resource Groups

UWM Team Member Resource Groups (TMRGs), sometimes known as Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), are networks of team members who come together to provide support and enhance career development, personal development and educational opportunities for members and allies. Our resource groups are available to all, giving everyone the chance to learn about cultures and lifestyles other than their own. Current UWM TMRGs include United Black, United Pride, Familia United, Veterans United, and Women in Technology.


Women in Technology connects, educates, and empowers team members to transform our industry and build strong, confident leaders for today and tomorrow.


Hear from the
People who make us



“It’s important to not only acknowledge and respect our diversities, but also to celebrate them because that’s what makes us great, right?”

-Troy W. (they/them)
Solutions Analyst




“Everyone here, we’re a family regardless of skin color… regardless of what you follow or who you follow. It doesn’t matter. Everybody is treated the same here ... as we say, one team, one dream.”

-Mo A. (he/him)
Team Lead, Senior Account Executive


Community Empowerment


“Being in [UWM resource groups] has introduced me to so many other like-minded beautiful people. I have met lifelong friends and mentors who have empowered me to come out of my shell and be comfortable in my own skin. These groups have helped me know that I am not alone in how I feel. They’ve pushed me to go out and take opportunities and meet people that I did not have courage to do before.”

-Simone J. (she/her)
Salesforce Support Analyst I


Leadership Development & Training


"Diversity allows our company to bring in new ideas, methodologies and perspectives that help us come up with creative ways to learn and to be better today than we were yesterday. We achieve this by giving everyone the equal opportunity regardless of race, gender, disability or any other barriers. Our leadership believes in doing what is right by us and the broker community. “

-Chris E. (he/him)
Product Owner II


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