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Six Reasons To Build Your Career At UWM
By UWM Careers
Experience our vibrant culture and abundant growth opportunities that have contributed to us becoming one of the best places to work in Metro Detroit. And we’re just getting started.

Start the New Year off on the right foot by applying for a new career at United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM)! Enjoy this look at our vibrant culture, development programs, career growth opportunities, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and much more. Plus, learn why UWM is the ideal choice for your next career move.

1. A Growing Company

At UWM, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing elite client service, supporting mortgage brokers with the tools they need to succeed and investing heavily in innovative technology. It’s this dedication that has led us to become the #1 overall mortgage lender in America, with no sign of slowing down.

2. Vibrant Company Culture

What truly sets us apart from other organizations is our celebratory company culture that fosters a positive, creative and inclusive environment. We value everyone's contributions and encourage collaborative efforts, recognizing that our collective strength is key to our ongoing success. One way that we show our commitment to this is by offering team members the ability to job shadow nearly any role within the company. This provides a comprehensive understanding of our operations and how teams work to achieve common goals. Another example of this is our Brilliant Ideas platform, a program exclusively designed to empower our team members and clients to share and be rewarded for their innovative and creative ideas. More than 1,000 ideas were implemented in 2023 alone!

3. Skill-Enhancement Opportunities

One of the most important things we do at UWM is encourage continuous personal and professional development. As part of this commitment, our Hall-of-Fame training team provides leadership training and development programs that enable our team members to expand their skill sets into new business areas, regardless of their prior experience. Even our cutting-edge IT department has plenty of team members who are completely new to the field. We grow our developing talent through challenging work and multi-discipline training programs such as our X-Development Programs. These programs are available throughout the year and offer a paid training curriculum that places each team member on one of our tech teams.

4. Career Growth Potential

We invest in our team members by providing professional development programs and mentorship opportunities. A key part of this is our EMERGE program, which empowers team members to become leaders, promotes growth, develops skills and paves the way for career advancement. Data has shown that EMERGE graduates are uniquely positioned for promotion to leadership, making them an obvious choice for the next step in their careers. Our inclusive and supportive workplace culture, combined with comprehensive training resources, allows for every team member to strive for excellence and achieve their career goals.

5. Feeling Accepted

We put great emphasis on acceptance, celebrating diverse backgrounds and creating a welcoming environment. Our focus is on mutual respect and openness, making UWM a place where every voice matters, which is especially achieved through our employee resource groups and company-wide cultural and community celebrations.

6. Job Security

One of the factors that allows our team members to thrive is the job security UWM provides. Despite the ever-changing economic environment, we have managed to maintain a position in the market that gives our team members a sense of assurance. UWM has never had a layoff in our 37-year history and never will.

These elements differentiate us and make UWM an ideal choice for those seeking to embrace new career opportunities in the upcoming year. Join our winning team!

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