Angela's Journey to Growth, Impact and Balance
By Angela Torrente, Underwriting Team Leader
Joining UWM as an underwriter isn’t simply about finding a job; it’s about starting a career. Angela talks about her experience as an underwriter and how she grew from having no mortgage experience to the leader of a successful team in the financial services industry.

To better understand the underwriter role at United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), we interviewed Angela, Underwriting Team Leader. Angela joined UWM with an accounting background. Though she had no prior mortgage experience, she believes this role — and UWM — helped her fast-track her career.

To become an underwriter at UWM, new team members must first complete a paid 8-week training course, similar to a college course. Angela recalled how the training covered a wide range of topics, from what a mortgage is to how to perform a risk analysis. Thanks to the hands-on, real-world examples, she quickly acquired the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the role. “Our award-winning training team teaches you everything from the ground up.”

As an underwriter, Angela quickly realized the impact her role played in people’s lives. Every loan approved meant helping someone achieve their dream of owning a home. This — and the constant opportunity for growth and learning at UWM — has kept her motivated to succeed. “I get bored doing the same thing all the time; I tend to always look for the next big thing,” she explains. At UWM, she says, every day offers new challenges and growth opportunities.

Working on-site at the UWM campus has been an enriching experience for Angela. She values the support system that UWM provides and couldn't imagine her role without it. “With how dynamic things can be in underwriting," she explains, “having somebody next to you to help you is invaluable.”

What sets UWM apart is its commitment to employee growth. Beyond the starting salary, roles like underwriter come with potential incentives* of up to $20,000, plus continuous learning opportunities to keep you updated with industry trends and laws.

Angela was able to leverage these opportunities to quickly advance in her position — after a few weeks on the floor in her new role, she was able to handle clients and files on her own. Within the next year, she was promoted to Senior Underwriter and then to a leadership position. “If you're ready to dive in and eager to grow, the opportunity is there for you.”

So why wait? If you’re driven like Angela, your rewarding career journey as an underwriter at UWM could be just around the corner! Join our team!

*Compensation package includes stock and forgivable loan incentives (subject to contract terms and conditions).

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