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Where You’ve Been Isn’t Nearly As Important As Where You’re Going
By UWM Careers

Three people. Three different backgrounds. One huge opportunity to start a career in mortgage operations at UWM.

Our Differences Make All The Difference
By UWM Careers

UWM Employee Resource Groups help ensure every team member is recognized and properly supported — because people are our greatest asset!

Embracing IT Opportunities at UWM
Embracing IT Opportunities at UWM
By UWM Careers

See how our VP of IT Training, Jillian Mantua, forged her career path by leveraging non-technical skills and experience.

Leaders at Every Level
By UWM Careers

At UWM, you don’t need a fancy title to learn how to lead. See how our Leadership Development Team finds and nurtures our future leaders in our latest blog post.

Top 3 Resume Building Tips From UWM Recruiters
By UWM Careers

We asked our recruiters what makes one resume stand out over another. Here are the top three things that can make yours more powerful and effective.

Unlocking Your Potential After High School
By UWM Careers

Where might tomorrow take you? If you’re a recent high school graduate or have a couple of college classes under your belt, you might be thinking about your job prospects.

Why Great Training Is The Key To Team Member Growth
By UWM Careers

A legendary career starts with great training — and you can have both here at UWM! Learn how our training practices and long-term career opportunities got us in the Training Hall Of Fame and have helped thousands of team members excel in their careers.

Doing Well By Doing Good
By UWM Careers

We may be based out of Pontiac, but our hearts are hard at work throughout metro Detroit — see the many ways UWM gives back!

Our Rise To #1
By UWM Careers

From an unranked mortgage lender 10 years ago to the #1 overall lender in America, learn how we made our way to the top.

How To Ace Your Next Interview
By UWM Careers

You never get a second chance on making a first impression. Here are some tips on how to be fully prepared at your next job interview.

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My Favorite Experiences As A UWM Summer Intern
By Caitlin Finerty, Summer Team Member

Here's how one summer intern maximized her summer and future career during our 12-week paid internship program.

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Why We’re Not Remotely Interested in Working Remotely at UWM
By UWM Careers

From innovation and collaboration to comradery and professional development, there are a lot of reasons UWM believes in having all of our team members under one roof.

Exciting Careers In The Most Unexpected Place – A Mortgage Company
By UWM Careers

Your background, work experience or college degree could set you up perfectly for a thriving career in a wide variety of roles you might not expect from the #1 wholesale mortgage lender in the nation, UWM.

Innovation That Makes An Impact
By Jason Bressler, Chief Technology Officer

Jason Bressler, our Chief Technology Officer, shares how he leads his team of over 1,000 technology team members and examples of the innovative and cutting-edge technology developed by his team.

How UWM Helps You Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance
By UWM Careers

In this post, we’ll dive into some examples of how to maintain a healthy work-life balance and perks that UWM provides to support this.

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How Transferable Skills Can Land You a Job
By UWM Careers

At UWM, we lean on the strengths of every team member—whether or not they have mortgage industry knowledge, instead, during the hiring process, we focus on finding the right attitude and transferable skills.

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The 6 Things I’ve Learned in My 10 Years at UWM
By Melinda Wilner, Chief Operating Officer

Melinda Wilner, our Chief Operating Officer, looks back on her last 10 years at UWM.

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5 Reasons to Take an Hour Lunch
By UWM Careers

While it’s easy to get zoned into your work and eat at your desk, it’s very beneficial to step away during lunch, which is why, here at UWM, we require all employees to take an hour lunch. These are the five reasons why you should make time for that lunch break..

What Is the BIG Advantage?
By Jerred Sharpe, Associate Business Analyst

A team member shares their experience with the Business Innovation Group (BIG) program.

Greater Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace
By Aaron Sims, Diversity & Inclusion Coach

In this post, you will learn how three keys to greater diversity, equity and inclusion drove our approach at UWM and helped our team members at UWM feel connected and accepted.