Career Tips

4 Lessons To Find Your Calling
By Maria Subashi, VP, Post Closing

Need career advice? Maria shares what she learned during her journey from college graduation to becoming UWM’s VP of Post Closing.

Embracing IT Opportunities at UWM
Embracing IT Opportunities at UWM
By UWM Careers

See how our VP of IT Training, Jillian Mantua, forged her career path by leveraging non-technical skills and experience.

Leaders at Every Level
By UWM Careers

At UWM, you don’t need a fancy title to learn how to lead. See how our Leadership Development Team finds and nurtures our future leaders in our latest blog post.

Top 3 Resume Building Tips From UWM Recruiters
By UWM Careers

We asked our recruiters what makes one resume stand out over another. Here are the top three things that can make yours more powerful and effective.

Unlocking Your Potential After High School
By UWM Careers

Where might tomorrow take you? If you’re a recent high school graduate or have a couple of college classes under your belt, you might be thinking about your job prospects.

How To Ace Your Next Interview
By UWM Careers

You never get a second chance on making a first impression. Here are some tips on how to be fully prepared at your next job interview.

Underwriting_45 (1)
How Transferable Skills Can Land You a Job
By UWM Careers

At UWM, we lean on the strengths of every team member—whether or not they have mortgage industry knowledge, instead, during the hiring process, we focus on finding the right attitude and transferable skills.

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