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How UWM Helps You Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance
By UWM Careers
In this post, we’ll dive into some examples of how to maintain a healthy work-life balance and perks that UWM provides to support this.

Before accepting a job, it’s important to consider if it will be feasible to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Many future and current team members have families to take care of and hobbies they enjoy, and UWM recognizes this. In addition, it’s important for team members to have a positive work experience throughout their hard-working day.

In this post, we’ll dive into some examples of how to maintain a healthy work-life balance and perks that UWM provides to support this.

What Is a Healthy Work-Life Balance?

A healthy work-life balance is maintaining a job that provides you value while having time to do enjoyable things outside of work, whether it’s spending time with family and friends, traveling or enjoying a hobby. In addition, work should not negatively impact your health or relationships. Not maintaining a healthy work-life balance may manifest through having trouble sleeping, eating poorly or not eating at all, fatigue, stress and more.

Why Does It Matter?

It’s important to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, as a large amount of stress can negatively affect your health, both physically and mentally. This stress can further lead to burnout or a constant state of exhaustion. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can ensure you have a positive experience at your workplace along with spending quality time with loved ones and doing things you enjoy outside of your job.

How UWM’s Unique Features Help You Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Flexible Schedules With UWM’s Flex 30

Need to leave early for your child’s soccer tournament? Get a flat tire on your way to work? That’s no problem! UWM’s Flex 30 allows you to adjust your typical workday schedule by 30 minutes to have the flexibility you need!

Build a Workout Routine With UWM’s 24/7 Fitness Center

Studies show that regularly exercising both reduces stress levels and leaves you with a greater sense of fulfillment. The higher your self-worth, the more you’re productive, master challenges and have more confidence. Here at UWM, you can utilize our 24/7 fitness center, full-size indoor basketball and volleyball courts, an outdoor sand volleyball court and an entire sports complex. To top it off, we even have sports tournaments and fitness classes you can sign up for, free of charge!

De-Stress With UWM’s Arcade Rooms and Ping-Pong Tables

It’s important to take brain breaks when your brain feels overwhelmed with information. Several research studies have shown that breaks in the workplace lead to increased motivation, creativity and overall productivity. Luckily for team members here at UWM, there are arcade rooms, ping-pong tables and a variety of other options to de-stress and re-charge your brain!

Eat Healthy With UWM’s Free Fruit Offerings

Healthy eating habits not only improve your physical health, but they strengthen your immune system, increase productivity and elevate your overall mood. With this, you’ll have more energy to enjoy doing things you love outside of work. UWM supports healthy eating habits by providing free apples, oranges and bananas to snack on throughout the day! In addition, UWM offers a variety of healthy food options for purchase throughout the campus.

Get the Energy You Need With UWM’s Complimentary Coffee and Tea

Don’t worry about spending an extra 10-15 minutes at home making your morning coffee or tea, because we’ve got you covered! Here at UWM, we have a variety of complimentary coffee and tea offerings so you can save time in the morning and enjoy your caffeine fix anytime throughout the day.

Never Miss a Doctor’s Appointment With Our On-site Doctor’s Office

Not feeling well, or just need a checkup? No need to delay your appointment or take the day off, our full-service primary care doctor’s office provides services Monday through Friday.

Check Off That Errand List Without Leaving Work

Need to make it to the dry cleaners on time or in dire need of a haircut? UWM ensures that you don’t have to spend your free time after work running errands and provides an on-site dry cleaning service and hair salon!

Having a flexible schedule, building and sustaining a workout routine, taking brain breaks, having healthy eating habits, taking care of your errands at work and caffeinating when needed are examples of implementing a healthy work-life balance. UWM’s perks and amenities help you accomplish this!

If you’re interested in learning more about the additional unique campus amenities and perks that UWM offers, join our team!

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