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Wellness At Work
By UWM Wellness Team

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month shines a spotlight on wellness, while our Wellness team keeps us on track all year round. From sports leagues to fitness challenges, the focus is on wellness to keep our UWM family healthy!

Group of volunteers hard at work
Volunteer Time Off — UWM Team Members Give Back to the Metro Detroit Community
By UWM Careers

Our UWM team members are ALL IN, utilizing their volunteer time off to help local organizations in metro Detroit. Join UWM and embrace the 'Pay It Forward' spirit!

Six Reasons To Build Your Career At UWM
Six Reasons To Build Your Career At UWM
By UWM Careers

Experience our vibrant culture and abundant growth opportunities that have contributed to us becoming one of the best places to work in Metro Detroit. And we’re just getting started.

Doing Well By Doing Good
By UWM Careers

We may be based out of Pontiac, but our hearts are hard at work throughout metro Detroit — see the many ways UWM gives back!

Our Rise To #1
By UWM Careers

From an unranked mortgage lender 10 years ago to the #1 overall lender in America, learn how we made our way to the top.

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Why We’re Not Remotely Interested in Working Remotely at UWM
By UWM Careers

From innovation and collaboration to comradery and professional development, there are a lot of reasons UWM believes in having all of our team members under one roof.

Exciting Careers In The Most Unexpected Place – A Mortgage Company
By UWM Careers

Your background, work experience or college degree could set you up perfectly for a thriving career in a wide variety of roles you might not expect from the #1 wholesale mortgage lender in the nation, UWM.

How UWM Helps You Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance
By UWM Careers

In this post, we’ll dive into some examples of how to maintain a healthy work-life balance and perks that UWM provides to support this.

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5 Reasons to Take an Hour Lunch
By UWM Careers

While it’s easy to get zoned into your work and eat at your desk, it’s very beneficial to step away during lunch, which is why, here at UWM, we require all employees to take an hour lunch. These are the five reasons why you should make time for that lunch break.

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