Our Differences Make All The Difference
By UWM Careers
UWM Employee Resource Groups help ensure every team member is recognized and properly supported — because people are our greatest asset!

At UWM, we’ve lived by the motto “Be You Here” long before developing one of the most comprehensive and diverse Employee Resource Group (ERG) programs in our industry. That’s because we’ve always believed that what makes us different is what makes us better. It’s how we learn, grow and succeed. More importantly, it’s how we help ensure that every UWM team member has a voice and that those voices are heard.

Here are just a few of the ever-expanding list of ERGs currently available at UWM and the impact they’ve had on our business and community:

United Pride is focused on supporting the LGBTQ+ community and has over 200 members who carry out many initiatives that spread awareness and education. This ranges from organizing Pride Unity walks to supporting Pride-owned businesses and events, like Ferndale Pride. These initiatives not only celebrate the LGBTQ+ community but also educate UWM's team members and the wider community about the importance of diversity and allyship.

United Black is focused on developing and supporting the Black community. This group's mission is to celebrate and educate about Black culture while helping to develop and grow the future of Black leadership. By hosting a variety of events and workshops, United Black is focused on demonstrating UWM's commitment to racial equality and cultural understanding. The United Black network serves as a driving force by leading with empathy and celebrating the diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives that make our team unique and strong.

Familia United supports and celebrates the Hispanic and Latin communities within our organization through fostering relationships and bringing awareness to Hispanic and Latin origin groups. Familia United also impacts and engages with the larger community by fundraising and donating to local Hispanic and Latin-owned businesses and organizations. The group plays a significant role in enhancing UWM's commitment to diverse representation and inclusive excellence.

Veterans United is dedicated to honoring and supporting those who have served in our military. They provide resources and programs tailored to assist their transition into the corporate world. Beyond this, they also support education and understanding among all team members about their unique experiences as Veterans. Veterans United recognizes and appreciates the sacrifices and contributions of our Veterans while providing a supportive environment for former military personnel and their families.

Our Women in Technology group serves as a space to inspire women in our workplace to explore, innovate and lead on the technology team at UWM. They encourage growth through mentorship, learning sessions, workshops and networking events. These events are tailored specifically to emphasize the capabilities of women in tech roles, remove barriers and cultivate an environment where women can confidently evolve and thrive in the heart of technology at UWM.

Join us and be a part of a company where diversity is welcomed and celebrated!

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