Where You’ve Been Isn’t Nearly As Important As Where You’re Going
By UWM Careers
Three people. Three different backgrounds. One huge opportunity to start a career in mortgage operations at UWM.

At UWM, each day is an exciting journey for our Mortgage Operations team members. They face new challenges, seek opportunities and make sure our clients receive elite customer service. We talked with 3 team members who established their career at UWM about their critical roles and daily work. Want an insider’s peek? Read on!

Meet Lydia H.

Operations Specialist — Appraisal Direct Support

Lydia joined UWM as an Operations Specialist in September 2022. Since then, she has grown impressively throughout various areas of the Operations department. Before UWM and after graduating from high school, she worked in a fashion boutique for 10 years and was a nanny for two. Her family and friends, who worked at UWM, told her how friendly and supportive everyone is and that’s why she applied!

Lydia starts each day by checking her to-do list. She responds to emails, sets goals and spends her day working with teammates, leaders and clients. In her current position as an Operations Specialist in Appraisal Direct, she collaborates with her team to ensure our borrowers get great value for the properties they’re buying or refinancing. When she hits a roadblock or faces a challenging situation, Lydia uses her resources wisely by seeking help from her team and leaders. Her favorite part about her job? She loves being part of helping borrowers get their dream homes!

Everyone at UWM knows Lydia for her uplifting spirit. Whether it’s decorating desks for birthdays or taking the time to listen, she makes everyone feel valued. For her, UWM is more than a job; it’s a place where she’s made lifelong friends, learned many personable and professional skills and is making a true impact.

Meet Evan K.

Operations Specialist — Verbal Verification of Employment

Evan started at UWM in June of 2023 and, in just 4 months, became a crucial part of our Verbal Verification of Employment (VVOE) team. How did he end up at UWM? His brother referred him, and he couldn’t be happier.

Every loan requires a VVOE, therefore, Evan’s role of verifying borrower application statements is a vital part of the loan process. He contributes a proactive mindset to his team, serving as a resource and mentor. He believes success comes from conquering challenges, helping others and having a workplace like UWM that fosters these values.

Evan believes the sky is the limit for growth opportunities at UWM. Through our training programs, daily team huddles and learning from knowledgeable peers, he is continuously improving. He appreciates his team leaders and describes them as helpful and key players when it comes to keeping up the team’s morale. When he started, he received lots of helpful advice and support — something he’ll always be thankful for.

Evan strongly believes if you’re interested in learning new things, tackling challenges and working hard, then you belong at UWM! Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with mortgages — Evan wasn’t either. UWM has you covered with all the on-site training you'll need.

Meet Devon W.

Operations Specialist — Setup

Devon, a diligent Operations Specialist on our Setup team, has made a significant impact since joining UWM 4 years ago after leaving her job as a house cleaner post-high school. Her main tasks consist of organizing loan documents for underwriters, and she thrives in this role thanks to her attention to detail and organizational skills. If a file is missing something, Devon quickly contacts the UWM Sales Representative or client (the broker) to keep things moving. She works with many different people, including team members, leaders and brokers. Additionally, being a veteran on the team, Devon plays a key role in training incoming Operations team members.

Devon’s professional journey at UWM is enriched by the vibrant culture, company events and the on-site arcade room. Guided and supported by her Team Leader, she has developed confidence, built strong relationships and fostered a sense of family with her team. Her 4-year mentorship has increased her passion for problem-solving, improving her focus and communication skills. These traits, along with UWM's supportive work environment, have helped pave the way for her successful career.

These team members’ stories are a testament to the growth and fulfillment of what’s possible at UWM after high school. From helping people achieve their dreams of owning a home to solving tricky loan problems, our amazing Operations team members really capture what UWM is all about. If you want to be part of a company that promotes learning and development, team inclusion and fun, then bring your passion and potential and join us!

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