Innovation That Makes An Impact
By Jason Bressler, Chief Technology Officer
Jason Bressler, our Chief Technology Officer, shares how he leads his team of over 1,000 technology team members and examples of the innovative and cutting-edge technology developed by his team.

It’s exciting to lead a team of over 1,000 technology team members dedicated to developing innovative and cutting-edge tools that positively impact our business, our clients’ businesses and homebuyers across the country. We pride ourselves on being problem solvers and thumb pointers who take continuous improvement personally. One of the most important things we do every day at UWM is listen to our clients’ needs and take immediate action to support them and their growing businesses. This translates to building and supporting applications in-house, as opposed to relying on vendor-supplied technology

Our teams are designed to solve the mortgage industry’s and our clients’ toughest challenges. Our proprietary, industry-disrupting, first-to-market apps utilize machine learning, microservice architecture and single-page applications to give our clients and team members the most powerful tools, technologies, processes and resources in the industry.

We’re In This Together

We've accomplished our goal of becoming the #1 mortgage lender in the nation while continuing to be the leader in the fintech space. Because when our clients win, we win, too.

At UWM, we have an incredible culture of collaboration and mentorship. We have comprehensive, award-winning training not only for our Technology team, but throughout the company. We work closely and constantly with business units across the company who help us to better understand our business processes, so we can collaborate on groundbreaking solutions. Because we build all our applications, we know them inside and out, allowing us to move quickly, roll out enhancements effectively, and pivot on a dime. 

Not only do we focus on innovation and working hard, but we make sure we have fun while doing it. Our teams support each other and celebrate each other’s victories. We are all in for UWM, and each other, and this is the mindset that enables our Technology team to continue dominating the fintech space.

Our team has built industry-disrupting tools from scratch through collaboration with in-house experts because of the feedback and suggestions of our users and clients. It allows us to create tools that can cater to their evolving needs and continue to make enhancements and roll out new products and features as the market changes.

Here are just a few examples of the game-changing tools we have built, and how they support our clients’ business needs while helping borrowers achieve the dream of homeownership: 


BOLT is an industry-first software that clears the path for easier, faster loan approvals with UWM. It allows our clients to obtain an initial approval on conventional loans at their convenience and resolve potential conditions that could slow their loan down. While other lenders may have borrowers waiting several days or weeks for loan to be underwritten and approved, we can give an initial approval within 15 minutes. Sometimes it’s even faster-our current record is 7 minutes

UWM Appraisal Direct

To help alleviate a major pain point in the mortgage industry, we partnered with highly qualified appraisers across the country who share our goal of making the appraisal process work better and faster for everyone involved.

Thanks to our leading-edge technology and industry-renowned client service, we’re now able to act as an Appraisal Management Company (AMC) by assigning an appraiser for our brokers. We’ve created a streamlined process that allows faster appraisals, convenience, transparency and efficiency.

InTouch Mobile App

Brokers can stay connected to their pipeline, lock in loan rates, receive loan status notifications, submit or review change of circumstances and more, all from their phone. Processes that are normally done on a desktop can be done from anywhere in the palm of their hands, thanks to our proprietary InTouch Mobile App.

Brand 360

Independent mortgage brokers have a lot to offer borrowers and real estate agents, but it won’t do them any good if the right people don’t know about it. That’s why our team created a marketing portal - Brand 360, where our clients have the ability to become marketing masters.

With Brand 360, clients know exactly the right time to reach out to past borrowers through alerts that let them know when they’re eligible to remove MI, have pulled new credit and more.

They can also connect all their social platforms, choose from daily content, and schedule posts without worrying about a lack of content. We offer an entire library of assets designed to help them market themselves - from flyers and emails to social posts and videos. All assets are customizable within Brand 360 to fit their own brand colors, logo, contact information and more!

Want to be part of what we build next?

We’re always looking for experienced technology professionals who can help us further innovate and lead the fintech space. Not only will your ideas be heard, they'll be implemented. You’ll be able to provide value and make real impact that you can see not only within the company, as well as with our clients and borrowers across the nation. Check out open positions on our team today.

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