Why Great Training Is The Key To Team Member Growth
By UWM Careers
A legendary career starts with great training — and you can have both here at UWM! Learn how our training practices and long-term career opportunities got us in the Training Hall Of Fame and have helped thousands of team members excel in their careers.

One of the most frequently-given reasons why someone leaves a job? A lack of career growth opportunities.

At UWM, we’re focused on the professional growth of our team members. Our continuous investment in team member training is one of the keys of our success and earned us a place in the Training Hall of Fame in 2022 after 4 consecutive years on Training Magazine’s Top 100 Employers list. (We even hit #1 in 2021!) It’s also the reason many job openings at UWM don’t require any mortgage experience — because we offer expert, on-the-job paid training to get new hires up to speed quickly.

New-Hire Training

Our newest team members begin their UWM careers with weeklong training that immerses them in our company values and culture. It’s a fun deep dive into how things work at UWM, along with comprehensive Mortgage 101 training that’s beneficial whether you’re brand new to the business or a seasoned pro in need of a refresher.

(Seriously — if all you know about home sales is what you learned playing Monopoly, don’t worry. Our award-winning trainers will quickly give you a baseline of industry knowledge, so you can jump right in with confidence when you join your team!)

Team-Specific Training

Mortgage Operations

We believe that a can-do attitude and the willingness to work hard are the most important traits a team member can have. Our Mortgage Operations training builds on these qualities to form one-of-a-kind skills that will contribute to your success — plus a unique and rewarding career path where you can thrive.

From closing to lending support, team members will attend role-specific training after completing the new-hire experience. Training ranges from 1-4 weeks depending on how complex the role is. After training, they’ll work with certified mentors on the floor for up to 1 week, giving them a foundation to build on for lasting career satisfaction.


There’s no crash course in this department — our account executives receive daily training for their entire first year on the sales floor, plus hours of specialized training every year to ensure our client service stays at the highest level. They also get regular briefings on the latest products and tools to keep them on the leading edge of the industry.

When they start, every AE receives a portfolio of clients to work with, letting them build relationships immediately with daily help from UWM call coaches and sales trainers.


Whether they’re recent college grads or experienced professionals, all new UWM underwriters go through 10 weeks of paid training. They also receive ongoing training while working on the underwriting floor to expand their knowledge and give them a base to grow their career.


Even our most cutting-edge department has plenty of team members who are completely new to the field. UWM grows our developing talent through challenging work and multi-discipline training programs such as our X Development Programs. These offer a paid training curriculum that concludes with placement on one of our tech teams, and are available throughout the year.

Each of our Technology teams provides an innovative environment where team members have direct access to leaders who will help them learn and excel. Whether they’re skilled with tech or new to the field, UWM will meet them at their current skill level and help them develop new skills throughout their career.

Continuous Improvement

The idea of always improving is ingrained in the culture at UWM, with training courses of all levels available to team members year-round. Spend an entire day (or all week) taking dedicated courses like P5 (named for one of our company pillars, “Continuous Improvement Is Essential For Long-Term Success”) or fit in one of our Academy videos or shorter training courses when time allows. Not only do they cover topics from every area of our business and help team members stay informed and excel in their own roles, they provide a better understanding of other roles at UWM as well.

Helping Your Inner Leader Emerge

Our team leaders (called Captains) are also given plenty of support on their career path. Our Leadership Development Team offers initial and ongoing training with real-life scenarios, coaching and quarterly check-ins.

All team members are also encouraged to take our Emerge program, an 8-week course offering comprehensive training on how to lead the UWM way. Team members learn UWM leadership philosophies, best practices and useful ways to apply professional development principles in their everyday life.

Opportunities Abound Here

Whether they’re looking for advancement or looking to dominate in their current role, all UWM team members enjoy a wealth of opportunities for continuous improvement and advancement. Start on a team that values your happiness and career success — join our team!

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