Exciting Careers In The Most Unexpected Place – A Mortgage Company
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Your background, work experience or college degree could set you up perfectly for a thriving career in a wide variety of roles you might not expect from the #1 wholesale mortgage lender in the nation, UWM.

When people think of working at a mortgage company, they typically think of a career in sales, finance or underwriting. So it may surprise you to learn that your background, work experience or college degree could set you up perfectly for a thriving career in a wide variety of roles you might not expect from the #1 mortgage lender in the nation, UWM.

From a wellness specialist to a leadership coach, hospitality leader, hairstylist and more we offer career paths that allow you to follow your passion while building a secure future. Check out some of our team members’ journeys and how their roles align with their personal goals and contribute to our culture, growth and success.

Wellness Specialist

With on-site perks and amenities that include a free state-of-the-art gym, doctor’s office, hair salon, massage rooms and more, UWM’s Wellness Specialist is busy supporting and encouraging a healthier lifestyle for our team members. They coordinate sports leagues, fitness classes and games and activities in our fitness center, The UWM Sports Complex and on our full-size basketball court, outdoor sand volleyball court and indoor volleyball courts.

Caitlin Buscemi, our Wellness Team Lead, has a master’s degree in Sports Administration and worked previously for the YMCA where she facilitated and directed all sports and activities for children in the Pontiac area. “I’ve always had a passion for wellness and sports,” says Caitlin, “I never would have thought I would be able to do this kind of work for a mortgage company.”

“This position has a huge impact on our culture and supports our Fun and Friendship pillar. We have such a great time with sports leagues and promoting sportsmanship. Everything we do here is built on relationship building. People are our greatest asset, and we work with team members everyday whether it’s in a yoga class or helping them with their weight loss journey.”

Leadership Development

The Leadership Development team helps train up our newly promoted Team Leads, explore new leadership trends and enhance our team members’ leadership skills while creating self-awareness and strengthening their emotional intelligence. Their goal is to provide superior and consistent servant-based leadership that our team members depend on.

Leadership Coach, Ray Goodson, started at UWM as a Call Coach soon after the Leadership Development team offered him the opportunity to become a leadership coach. “I visited the campus once with a relative who worked here and was amazed by the atmosphere,” says Ray. “He told me about the opportunities to grow a successful career here, and I was sold. I didn’t expect the opportunities for career advancements that I’ve had.”

“Leadership is not a title but rather a passion that comes with major responsibilities at UWM. The Leadership Development team provides multiple resources to all leaders. They help coach leaders up to show the best sides of who they are in their leadership role. Brand. Ownership. Authenticity. Most importantly, being coachable and continuously improving is the key to always moving forward.”

Campus Grounds Specialist

UWM’s Campus sits on over 200 acres of land, and the Campus Grounds Specialist is responsible for the management of landscaping companies, cleanliness, organization and maintenance of the outdoor campus.

Jacob Gutierrez, our Campus Grounds Specialist, was a carpenter for a long time, but his heart was always with working outdoors. So, when he saw the opportunity to apply for this role, he didn’t hesitate. “Most mortgage companies aren’t as big as we are, and don’t even have a Grounds Specialist,” says Jacob. “I didn’t even think a role like this existed, but it makes total sense for a campus this large. I didn’t know what I’d be doing at first and how busy I’d be but I love it.”

“I like to think that when our team members show up to work every day and see a beautiful, clean campus, it puts them in a good mood. It makes them want to work harder and put in that much more effort. The campus allows them to enjoy their lunchtime eating, walking or biking. It’s great being able to  put a smile on peoples’ faces.”

Hospitality Services

The Hospitality team at UWM is responsible for ordering and maintaining all supplies for kitchens, including pop machines, silverware, coffee, creamer - everything to keep our team members energized and comfortable while focusing on providing elite service to our clients and guests.

Sara Stanton, Hospitality Services Team Lead, was a restaurant manager for almost 20 years until she joined UWM. “I never expected to do this kind of work at a mortgage company,” says Sara. “I get paid to have fun and make sure team members have everything they need. At the end of the day, we have a good time.”

“We’re always saying hello to our team members in the kitchen and lending an ear to those who need someone to talk to. A team member can have a tough call and come into the kitchen to regroup, and we’re there to give them words of encouragement. Team members can always call us if they need anything. We’re there to help.”

Government Affairs Coordinator

The Government Affairs Coordinator is responsible for state lobbying efforts based in Michigan and doing business across all 50 states. They meet with government officials who make laws that affect our business and educate them on the difference between wholesale and retail, while showing them how the broker community impacts each state.

Barry Szczesny, our Government Affairs Coordinator, started in politics as soon as he graduated college and worked in Lansing, Michigan, for about 9 years before starting his role at UWM. “I didn’t know much about the mortgage industry before coming here,” says Barry. “I’ve learned a lot over the past two years and realized how important it is to educate our elected officials on the industry. They need someone like me and the team to help educate them on what wholesale does for borrowers and why brokers are better.”

“We are a great connection for our broker clients. They don’t have the resources that we do as a company. They can’t call up their congressman and ask how specific laws impact their business, so we’re here to make their lives a little easier.”


At UWM, team members don’t have to worry about taking the day off or rushing out of work to get to their hair appointment. One of UWM’s perks is our on-site hair salon.

Krystal Swindlehurst, our campus Hairstylist, studied cosmetology after high school, and has been enthusiastic about doing hair ever since. When COVID-19 hit, the salon she was working at was forced to shut down and Krystal joined UWM’s Lending Support team. “I enjoy the culture at UWM and was comfortable in my new role even though it was very different from what I was doing previously,” says Krystal, “but when the hairstylist role became available, I thought it would be a great time to also do what I’m passionate about”.

“My role gives me the opportunity to do what I love while getting the full experience of UWM’s culture. I interact with team members all day and learn about their roles,” says Krystal. “I motivate them while they get their hair cut and share their experiences with me about different things. The best thing about being a hairstylist here is that I only have great customers – our team members!”

UWM is so much more than just a mortgage company. Every role in our company affects our team members, our culture and our business. Regardless of your background, we give you the opportunity to grow within the company while doing what you’re most passionate about - truly allowing you to Be You Here.

If you’re interested in making an impact while doing what you love, check out our unique roles.

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