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Volunteer Time Off — UWM Team Members Give Back to the Metro Detroit Community
By UWM Careers
Our UWM team members are ALL IN, utilizing their volunteer time off to help local organizations in metro Detroit. Join UWM and embrace the 'Pay It Forward' spirit!

Spring is in the air and our UWM team members are ALL IN with donating their time and services to local organizations in metro Detroit.

Contributing to the well-being of others grants a sense of achievement and purpose and also offers many additional benefits. Community outreach and engagement are known to further relaxation and reduce stress levels. Additionally, dedicating time in service to others teaches valuable skills and nurtures new and existing relationships. However, our daily lives keep us busy and finding time can be difficult. That’s why a volunteer paid time-off policy is a meaningful benefit.

What exactly is paid volunteer work and how does it affect our team members? Often referred to as volunteer time off (VTO), it allows employees to participate in charitable activities without using their personal or vacation time. At UWM, we offer four hours of VTO at a non-profit organization of your choice per year. Here’s how UWM team members Kylie, Jack, Courtney and Rami jumped into action and recently used their paid time off to volunteer with local non-profit community partners:

Kylie – Mortgage Operations

Kylie and her team used their volunteer time off hours to serve After the Storm, an organization in Michigan that helps people recover after natural disasters. During this experience, Kylie and her team helped do some much-needed clean-up work, including trimming trees, mowing the lawn, cleaning the backyard and disposing of branches. It was hard but important work to help someone in need. In the end, Kylie and her team realized that even a little help can mean a lot to people. To join in making a difference, consider exploring volunteer opportunities with After the Storm.

Jack – Information Technology

Jack first learned of The Farm at Trinity Health at UWM’s annual Non-profit Fair where over 40 organizations shared how we can help make an impact in their communities. The Farm strives to grow a healthy community by empowering people through food, education and relationship assistance. Jack and his team helped clean up the garden beds and plant new seeds. Jack said that this experience was a great reminder of the importance of helping others and how rewarding it can be. Plus, UWM’s Community Outreach team and volunteer time off policy made it easy to help out and dedicate his time to a valuable cause. If you wish to contribute as well, check out The Farm at Trinity Health.

Courtney – Mortgage Operations

Courtney and her team spent their volunteer paid time off at E-Community Outreach Services in Pontiac, MI, where they educate, empower and engage with families by offering community resources and programs. While volunteering, Courtney and her team moved and organized a large number of items between storefronts, providing necessities to local families. Courtney said this was an excellent team-building exercise that showcased the collaborative dynamics of the team in challenging labor situations. Courtney and her team finished the day filled with a profound sense of accomplishment, knowing they had made a real difference to others. Explore how you can contribute with E-Commerce Outreach Services.

Rami – Sales

Rami devoted his volunteer paid time off hours toward Special Olympics Michigan, a non-profit organization that provides year-round sports training and competitions for children and adults with disabilities. His responsibilities included managing the scoring sheet and marking players’ entries and exits during floor hockey games. Through this unique journey, Rami realized the importance of treasuring life. The unwavering joy and positivity from all the individuals participating, regardless of their circumstances, was an eye-opener for him. He left feeling humbled, with a fresh perspective on life's true value. Find out how you can get involved at Special Olympics Michigan.

These experiences with VTO represent just a fraction of the volunteer opportunities available for team members. At UWM, these options aren't just encouraged, they’re paid opportunities for team members to engage in community service, attesting to UWM's commitment to the ‘Pay It Forward’ spirit. Get involved making a difference and join our team!

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