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Why We’re Not Remotely Interested in Working Remotely at UWM
By UWM Careers
From innovation and collaboration to comradery and professional development, there are a lot of reasons UWM believes in having all of our team members under one roof.

During the COVID pandemic, most large companies shifted to a work-from-home model. To help protect the health of our team members and our community, UWM was among them. But for us, a company built on a strong workplace culture and a warm, family-like atmosphere, the move was always considered temporary, and as soon as it was safe to do so, we brought our people back.

Now, in the post-pandemic era, many companies that had told their employees they would always have the option to work from home are beginning to change their minds. In fact, HR Drive reports that 9 out of 10 companies will require team members to return to the office by 2023.Why? Because they’re just beginning to discover what UWM knew all along: that people work better together.

From innovation and collaboration to comradery and professional development, there are a lot of reasons UWM believes in having all of our team members under one roof. Here are just a few:

A Sense of Belonging

At UWM, we believe it’s important for our team members to feel connected with each other. Working in the office gives them the opportunity to network and grow meaningful connections in a way that they can’t do through a computer screen.

Not only do we invest in our team members’ career growth and advancement, but we also celebrate them and give them the tools they need to grow personally. One way we do this is by providing team members with the opportunity to connect with those they share common ground with through our resource groups. These groups come together to support career development, personal development and educational opportunities for members and allies. You can learn more about our resource groups, including United Black, United Pride, Familia United, Veterans United, and Women in Technology, here.

Motivating You to Perform at Your Best

It can be difficult to get motivated when you’re at home surrounded by distractions — and that lack of motivation can negatively impact your work performance. Alternatively, by surrounding yourself with team members who are always looking to get better at what they do can help you find success in ways you might never have thought possible.

At UWM, we are laser focused on winning as a team. Every team member is encouraged to set goals, both personal and professional, and meet with their leader once a month to help track their progress. They’re also motivated to reach their goals by their fellow team members. We all work together to ensure that everyone has the tools they need to succeed.

“Any time I’ve had a question or obstacle and needed help, I’ve gotten the help I needed right away. Being able to work closely with many teams at UWM, I’ve been able to make such a large impact because I’m surrounded by people who are always willing to collaborate to find solutions,” says Kristina Ellis, Business Innovation Specialist.

Finding Your Purpose

One of the most important aspects of a rewarding career is having a sense of purpose. Being surround by others who share common goals not only helps support teamwork but can make the work feel much more meaningful.

At UWM, our goal is to make the dream of homeownership a reality for more people by supporting independent mortgage brokers across the country — and every role within our company plays a part in that, from our account executives and underwriters to our marketing and technology teams. While every role is unique, every team member is working towards the same common goal.

“Working on the Sales team, the most important part of our role is building relationships with not only our broker clients, but our team members as well. Building relationships with our clients allows us to aid in the growth of their business. And if I need help with a loan, my team members are there to assist me in every way,” says Melissa Kenner, Account Executive.

Offices Promote Professional Development

Being surrounded by your team and leaders allows for decisions to be made more quickly and solutions found more efficiently. Instead of waiting for a response to an email or Teams chat, being able to turn to your leader to ask a question or have a short huddle with your team helps speed up professional development. It also helps to hold team members accountable.

At UWM, we expect our team members to interact and learn from each other. We encourage job shadows to learn best practices as well as for career advancement opportunities. We also make it easy for team members to transfer across teams to find the perfect fit within our organization. All of which would be made much more difficult when working remotely.

Offices Optimize Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Having a shared space with other team members is also vital for collaboration and innovation. It’s easier to bounce ideas off one another, read emotions and communicate efficiently. Working in the office amongst your team promotes a positive work environment and supports growth.

At UWM, continuous improvement is part of our DNA. We’re always looking ahead. How can we learn, grow and do more? We continuously invest in our people with innovative training, tools and technology, because our success is measured in team member growth just as much as company advancement.

“Here at UWM we are provided with unlimited job-specific training, as well as overall professional development. Complacency is not an option at UWM. With our on-site attendance policy, Team Members are able to maximize their full potential by receiving impeccable hands-on training,” says Todd Dekinderen, Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Offices Connect People and Promote Friendship

From organized team building events to casual conversations throughout our amenity-filled campus, working in the office allows our team members to build real connections with each other. In fact, many professional relationships evolve into personal ones here, adding to our social cohesion and strengthening our company culture.

We know it’s possible to balance work with play because we do it every day. From sporting events and entertaining activities to companywide celebrations like our “Boonited” Halloween event and our annual holiday party, we like to bring the fun when our hard work is done.

And that, when it comes right down to it, is the biggest reason we require our team members to come into the office. We know they’re happier here. Happier with their careers and the success it brings them and their loved ones. Happier with the friendships and bonds they create. Happier with the difference they make in other people’s lives. The best part? We get see it on their faces every day.

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